Mediation FAQs

Why does WAMS have Hearing Cancellation Policies?

Cancellation polices exist to provide compensation to professional mediators and arbitrators who lose income opportunities because of last-minute cancellations. WAMS makes every effort to fill cancelled hearing dates and avoid the imposition of cancellation fees, especially when caused by settlement.

What are the Guidelines for Submission of Materials?

Mediation materials should be limited to only the essential information, since mediators have limited time to review submissions between hearings. Arbitration submissions should be coordinated by counsel to avoid duplication of medical and other records. WAMS encourages the submission of briefs via email to save time, postage and paper.

Are there options for Last-Minute Scheduling?

WAMS provides last-minute calendar openings on this website at the calendar link above. Hearings scheduled within 10 Business Days of the hearing date are not subject to the WAMS Cancellation Policy.

Does WAMS accept referrals for Pro Se Parties?

WAMS seldom accepts mediation cases involving pro se parties, except if 1) the pro se parties are business owners or partners; and/or 2) the defendant insurance company is offering policy limits for allocation among various claimants.

As arbitration is statutory and contractual in nature, WAMS accepts cases involving pro se parties on a case by case basis.

How do I join the WAMS Panel of Neutrals?

If you have the requisite qualifications, contact the WAMS Managing Attorney to schedule an interview. Specific information about the qualifications to join the WAMS neutral panels can be found here.