Express Mediation Option

In response to an expressed need for quality, cost-effective, and efficient mediation services for those disputes in which Plaintiffs’ demands are $100,000 or less, WAMS offers the “Express Mediation Option” which is intended to provide the high-caliber mediation services of our many esteemed panelists, for a two-hour or three-hour session, at a rate that makes economic sense in the context of these matters.    

Details and Parameters

  • 2 party cases
  • Demand $100,000 or less
  • 2-hour or 3-hour mediation sessions available
  • Hearing fee is $150 per hour per party
  • Prepayment required for time reserved
  • No cancellation fee
  • Submissions are limited to 5 pages per party
  • Hearings to be scheduled at a venue outside of WAMS — either the mediator’s office, or a participating client’s office — unless scheduled within two weeks of the hearing date and WAMS has sufficient number of rooms available
  • Unless otherwise addressed above, WAMS Mediation Fee Policies also apply


  • Monte Bersante (Tacoma)
  • Sharon J. Bitcon (Seattle)
  • Michelle Corsi (Everett)
  • Don G. Daniel (Olympia)
  • Bradley G. Davis (Seattle)
  • Pat Duffy (Tacoma)
  • Jack Follis (Everett)
  • Kevin Hanchett (Seattle)
  • Tim Malarchick (Tacoma)
  • Judy Massong (Seattle)
  • Cynthia Morgan (Issaquah and Seattle)
  • Kathleen Wareham (Seattle)