Focus: WAMS Technology

By: WAMS Staff

Website: The WAMS website is a great resource for our clients. It offers a plethora of information about mediator bios, fee schedules, mediation and arbitration rules, useful links and contact information. The most popular feature, however, is our online calendar for short notice scheduling. This feature allows clients to see mediator availability for the next two weeks. As a reminder, there is no cancellation fee when you schedule a hearing within 2 weeks of the hearing date and need to cancel for any reason.

Mobile Website: Created in 2010, the WAMS Mobile Website provides users with a streamlined experience for viewing content from the WAMS website.

To view the mobile site from your Iphone, go to  in the internet browser. In the left hand column, select the link to view the WAMS mobile site. To save the mobile site as an application (app) to your phone, click on the forwarding arrow of your internet browser bar, and select “Add to Home Screen”. From your Droid’s internet browser, follow the same directions above to the mobile site. To save the mobile site as an application (app) to your phone, long press your home screen, go to shortcuts and bookmark the page. From your Blackberry internet browser, follow the same directions to access the mobile site. To save it as an application (app) to your phone, press on the Menu button and select “Add to Home Screen.” (With the new site the mobile site is already created.)

Email: WAMS Case Administrators utilize email in a variety of ways to help the scheduling process run smoothly and efficiently for our clients. Not only do we use email to coordinate scheduling, but we do the following as well:

  • Email referral templates for case information when a new case is being submitted.
  • Email calendar availability quickly.
  • Email confirmation documents to the parties once a hearing is set. We’ve found this to not only be “green”, but preferred by clients who can then forward the information to their respective clients and reduce the time and expense of typical mailing.

Submissions: With most attorneys now using email, WAMS encourages submitting mediation materials via email. Mediators prefer that materials submitted electronically be limited to 10 pages, so they are not required to print lengthy documents. Attorneys usually submit mediation briefs via email referencing their exhibits, then bring the actual exhibits to the mediation. Don Kelley prefers all submissions in electronic format, as he carries his iPad during mediations and references materials online as needed.

WAMS now sends invoices almost exclusively in electronic format. WAMS Arbitration Rules permit Electronic Filing of submissions subject to a 10 page limit without prior authorization. All submissions over 10 pages (inclusive of exhibits) must be submitted in hard copy. The Witness/Exhibit list is often less than 10 pages. The arbitration Award is provided in electronic format via email to counsel unless otherwise requested. WAMS continues to evolve with technology, but has not yet embraced e-filing in arbitration.

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