Mediator Focus: Michelle Corsi

By: WAMS Staff

corsi“Navigator” is a word Michelle Corsi often uses when describing her role as an actively practicing trial attorney and member of the WAMS mediation and arbitration panel. With a practice focus that professional liability, employment and personal injury, Michelle’s commitment to clients and effectiveness over her 20-year legal career have earned her top honors and distinguished recognition among her peers. She finds it personally rewarding and challenging to help clients navigate the litigation process which, for most, is their first and only experience with the law.

As a mediator, Michelle uses her perceptiveness and communication skills as navigational tools to help guide parties through mediation to resolution. She sees mediation as a conversational forum in which participants are encouraged to tell their stories and be heard by a neutral, compassionate listener. She prepares herself well in advance of the mediation by reading submissions, contacting counsel with questions as needed, then listening actively to discover the respective parties’ motivations and goals to establish a course for resolution. Michelle’s practical experience as a trial lawyer makes her a relevant guide, as she is current in litigation trends and knows what courts and juries are doing. Michelle says, “I believe that most cases have a resolution point and it is always worth the effort to find it.”

Following a family tradition, Michelle earned her undergraduate degree at WSU, where she, her brothers and cousin often play intramural softball and flag football teams. An English major, Michelle pursuing a legal career after completing a course in Constitutional Law. While at Willamette University College of Law, she earned a Certificate of Dispute Resolution and volunteered in a legal clinic run by local attorneys.

After receiving her law degree from Willamette in 1994, she clerked for a Snohomish County judge before receiving an invitation to join the Lee Smart firm in Seattle, where she is now a shareholder. Years of positive experiences with WAMS rekindled her interest in becoming a mediator was welcomed to our mediation and arbitration panel in 2013 after completing the University of Washington’s Professional Mediation Course and WAMS Advanced Mediator training.

Michelle’s navigational skills are also instrumental in her private life. As parents of two sports Michelle and her husband are fully involved with community events and youth activities in They both serve on the Board of Directors of Pacific Little League, an organization serving 800 and girls playing baseball and softball between the ages of 5 and 18. As a board member and “player agent,” Michelle forms the baseball tea games and organizes the all is also a team coach and last summer coached the team that represented the entire Northwest Region at the Little League World Series in Will Pennsylvania. During winter, the whole snowboarding and skiing at Stevens Pass and Whistler.

Michelle’s personal and professional experience, knowledge and commitment to the mediation process make her an effective navigator for clients and a valuable addition to the WAMS panel.

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