The Buzz for 6/10

Riveka Crooms, WAMS Compliance Manager, was recently awarded as one of Pierce County’s Adult Volunteers of the Year for her work in the youth diversion program in Juvenile Court. Congrats!

Bill Rush is taking his wife on a cruise to the Far East via the Suez Canal and Somali coast, hoping to avoid pirates along the way. Bon Voyage!

Kudos to Cliff Freed for providing pro bono mediation services in a church-employment matter. Everyone involved was very appreciative.

Thank you and well done Kathleen Wareham for serving on the 17th Annual NW Dispute Resolution Conference Committee, helping to line up sponsors, speakers and topics to make the conference a continuing success. The conference takes place on the first weekend in May each year at the University of Washington School of Law.

Great Job! Tom Harris

harris“I am grateful you were willing and available to take on this matter.”

“It was a difficult and indeed even surprising road. Nevertheless, you were able to resolve this matter. For a variety of reasons I am extremely appreciative of your efforts and your tenacious persistence.”

-WAMS client

Great Job! Michele Sales

“I really appreciated the way you kept mediation moving forward, as well as your recommendations for bridging the gap between the parties. All of us were pleased with the result we achieved and I’m certain that we wouldn’t have gotten there without your expert assistance.”

-WAMS client

Great Job! Kathleen Wareham

wareham“Thank you for everything you did to help my family reach an agreement yesterday. Once my husband and kids learned of the agreement they jumped for joy. This estate turmoil has affected them in a very bad way. I look forward to rebuilding my life with them. I think you are very kind and talented. Thanks again for your hard work.”

– WAMS client

Great Job! Scott Holte

holte“It was obvious during the mediation that you have a long history of experience in litigation as well as personal relationships with the attorneys and their adjusters. I also felt that the time you took to explain some matters to my clients, who had never been through this process before, was very helpful and calming… I will be thinking about you this Labor Day weekend when I am vacationing with my family rather than preparing for trial in this matter.”

– WAMS client

Great Job! Judit Gebhardt

Gebhardt“This was my first opportunity to work with you as a mediator and I appreciated the skill, patience and good humor you brought to an admittedly difficult case. Thank you also for spending the extra time with us to get the case settled (even at the expense of missing your scheduled massage!). We all appreciate the extra effort.”

– WAMS client